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Course Breakdown

Why Career Studies (GLC20)?
Through our working together on this course you will learn how to develop and achieve personal goals in education and also about working and contributing to your community.
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Complete each assignment from all of the main pages within their due dates. Hand everything in to Ms. Mancini on your google docs account. Sign up for an account at http://docs.google.com/ These will be evaluated and kept on file until your are ready to prepare your portfolio.
How will this course run?
This course is conducted outside of the timetable in specially planned sessions and on-line. The compulsory components span throughout Grade 10. The studies continue until you graduate.
What if you get involved in this course?
Did you notice that I said "get involved"? This course is compulsory, so "taking it" is not optional. But "getting involved" in it is really up to you. If you take advantage of its opportunities you will draw closer to recognizing your own career goals and identifying the steps necessary to reach them. So I encourage you to jump in, even if right now words like "goals" and "career" seem far off into the future. The benefits of planning now will be enjoyed for years to come.
Titles and Descriptions
Time and Sequence
Unit 1
Personal Management: Who Am I?
This unit is designed to help students take an in-depth look at the marvellous people they are and can be. No matter what students end up doing, it will still be them doing it. So, the more students know about themselves, the better choices they will make; and the better choices they make, the happier they will be doing whatever they decide in their lives and work. From multiple intelligences, to learning styles, to skills and values students will finish the unit with a deeper understanding of who they are and therefore where they are heading. This unit includes a Time Management seminar and a class workshop with the learning services staff to help with organizational habits, stress reduction and studying tips.

Overall Expectations

By the end of this course, students will:
use a self-assessment process to develop a personal profile for use in career development planning;
evaluate and apply the personal-management skills and characteristics needed for school success, document them in their portfolio, and demonstrate their use in a variety of settings;
demonstrate effective use of interpersonal skills within a variety of settings. 17 hours
Unit 2
Exploration of Opportunities - Where am I going?
This unit focuses on opportunities. What careers are best suited for each student based on their personal interests and goals. Through researching the wide variety of careers and post secondary education options this unit takes what students know about themselves and applies it to figuring out what they are going to do with their lives. Students will investigate post secondary educational options they have to achieve their goals. To achieve this students have access to online career assessment tools and multimedia interviews through our career cruising program. This unit also includes an Interaction Conference with experience attending University lectures at the University of Guelph.
Overall Expectations
By the end of this course, students will:
use a research process to locate and select relevant career information from a variety of sources for inclusion in a portfolio;
identify current trends in society and the economy and describe their effect on work opportunities and work environments;
identify a broad range of options for present and future learning, work, and community involvement.
17 hours
Unit 3 Preparation for Transitions and Change - I am on my way?
Volunteer work, athletics teams, plays, class participation are all developing employability skills. We will examine these skills and highlight the students' individual accomplishments. This unit takes students through the steps of acquiring a job as follows: application form, resume, references, cover letter, interview skills and follow-up. The students will examine the trends in society and economy to prepare them to tackle various work opporunities and entrepreneurship. Included in this unit is a Career Information and Networking Fair. Additionally, every student will receive an individual interview with our student services director. Each student will review their OSSD requirements and volunteer hours, determine course selections based on their personal aspirations and future career goals.
Overall Expectations
By the end of this course, students will:
use appropriate decision-making and planning processes to set goals and develop a career plan;
analyse changes taking place in their personal lives, their community, and the economy, and identify strategies to facilitate smooth transitions during change;
demonstrate an understanding of, and the ability to prepare for, the job-search process.
17 hours
Final Evaluation Portfolio
Putting it all together. 30% of the grade will be based on a final integrative portfolio project to be done at the end of the course. This project, which consists of several subsections, sees the student compiling what they have learned so far with research and planning. The Portfolio will be kept on file in student services to continue to assist them in grade 11 and 12 course choices and Post secondary education and job applications.
4 hours
55 hours
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40 hours of volunteer work is required for each student. Your volunteer opportunities will be introduced by Hillfield-Strathallan College, and the hours will be recorded. It will be the joint responsibility of the school and your parents that you will benefit from your community service, recognizing the value of philanthropy.
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